The Sverdlovsk region ordered a block-type system for voting for 7.2 million rubles

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk Region announced a tender for the development of an electronic voting system based on a block-chain. The application is available on the government procurement website.

The starting price of the contract is 7.2 million roubles.

When developing the system, the contractor must take into account the Bitcoin Future review specifics of powers and details for four parties: an observer, a voter, an election committee member and an administrator.

The customer requires the voter’s vote to be counted anonymously and the selection must be made in an „intuitive manner with mandatory subsequent confirmation of the selection“.

„Information about the voters must be received in real time, but must not be made available to any user, including the administrator, until the end of the voting. At the end of the voting, the results are recorded and can no longer be changed,“ says the explanatory memorandum.

The contract to develop the system was won by OOO CH Communications from the Novosibirsk Region for RUB 4.8 million. However, the conclusion of the contract with the company was suspended on the complaint of LLC „B41“ from Moscow, the second bidder who was not allowed to compete.

Let’s remind, last time block-chain voting in the Russian Federation was used in September on elections to the State Duma in the Yaroslavl and Kursk regions. The system was developed by Waves Enterprise together with Rostelecom.

A failure occurred during the work of the electronic voting monitoring system. As a result, for about 16 hours excerpts from the block system were published with distorted data.

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